Premium Cake, Baking and Pastry Products by Vizyon

Vizyon products are premium cake, bake and decorating ingredients. Manufactured to the highest standard and quality, they are the number 1 choice among many top chefs, cake decorators and patissiers.

Indeed you’ll find the Vizyon product range has something to suit all levels and skills of cake and baking enthusiasts. With products that are suitable for retail, wholesale and industrial use, you will find Vizyon products can meet any market or style. Plus the range ensures Vizyon products are your all-in-one solution for cake making and decorating.

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Fondant (Sugar Paste) - 1kg

Vizyon White Fondant – 1kg


Cream Powder Mixes

Custard Cream Powder 1kg


Modelling Paste

White Gum Paste

$24.95 $18.71

Cream Stabilisers - 200g

Cream Stabiliser – 200g


Cold Glazes

Neutral Cold Glaze


Prepare attractive and smoothly textured desserts, cakes and cream fillings with Vizyon Whipping Creams.

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Looking for a way to add a touch of elegance and shine to your desserts? Look no further than Vizyon Cold Glazes! Our glazes come in a variety of delicious colours and flavors and are perfect for adding a glossy finish to your cakes, tarts, and more.

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Perfect topping sauces for cakes, pastries, profiteroles, puddings, dips, and even ice cream.

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Vizyon Flavouring Pastes are flavouring solutions that are designed to add a strong and authentic flavour to your pastry products. They are highly concentrated and come in a variety of flavours, such as caramel, pistachio, strawberry, raspberry, lemon, and orange.

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Vizyon Select is a premium chocolate range for use in your baking and dessert treats. Make a fresh start and be inspired discovering the delicious delights of Vizyon Select Chocolate.

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Indulge in the decadent taste of Vizyon Velvet Cake Mixes! Our premium cake mixes are made with the finest ingredients and are available in a range of delectable flavors. With our easy-to-follow instructions, you can create a delicious and moist cake that is sure to impress!

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Polen Food Oceania
product rating4.96 / 5
133 reviews