Cold Glazes – Product Spotlight

Vizyon Cold Glazes require no heating and can be applied direct from the pail. Alternatively, add a little water to increase it’s runniness and pourability. By retaining its softness and shine, your cakes and desserts will look like they have just been covered and always ready to eat. Plus, it seals in the moisture in your cake for a longer shelf life. Freeze-thaw suitable, you can apply it over cakes, muffins, pastries & donuts as well as ice-creams. Whether you are creating drip cakes, glazed cakes, glazed desserts, topping or even as a plate dressing, Vizyon Cold Glaze is versatile to suit a range of styles and applications. Vizyon Cold Glaze is Gluten free & has no animal by-product.

Product Features

  • Vegan, Gluten-free and Halal
  • Freeze-thaw stable
  • Seals cakes to minimise moisture loss
  • Does not require heating
  • Retains its softness and shine to keep products looking fresher for longer
  • Add flavour and colour to your cake or dessert
  • Apply by pouring, piping, brush or spatula

Vizyon Cold Glazes provide a perfect, clean appearance and seals cakes or desserts for a longer shelf life. These versatile cold glazes provide a mirror glaze sheen and lustre to your cake.

Vizyon Cold Glaze is perfect for use in creating spider-web and glazing effects over ganache covered cakes.

In addition, if you are looking for fruit glaze or glaze for fruit flan’s, then you need look no further that the fabulous range of Vizyon Cold Glazes. With no heating required, they are perfect for glazing fruits and desserts.

Vegan & Gluten-Free, Freeze-Thaw Stable

A versatile glazing solution that is freeze-thaw stable. Plus, you have a mirror glaze that is both gluten-free and vegan.

No heating required. Or add a little water for increased consistency and pourability.

Seals Your Cakes for a Longer Shelf Life

By retaining its shine and softness, even after days on display or stored in the fridge, your cakes will look like they have just been covered. Vizyon Glamour Glazes minimise moisture loss and offer a long-lasting shine.

Create Your Own Designs

The Vanilla Cold Glaze provide a white base colour and will take on colouring perfectly. Create your own colours and look by adding a little food colouring to the glaze. Plus, as the glaze colours won’t bleed, it is perfect for cake writing or decorative trims.

The Uses are Endless!

Perfect for cakes, muffins, and donuts as well as many other desserts and ice creams.

The Neutral Cold Glaze is perfect for use as a cake gel. Plus, when used over fruits, or fruit flans, it will add a shine and lustre to the fruit, while also sealing in its freshness and flavour.

Vizyon Cold Glazes provide a perfect, clean appearance and seals cakes or desserts for a longer shelf life.

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