Frequently Asked Questions

The Stella Whipping Cream has a natural vanilla flavouring and it is lighter. The BonCream Whipping Cream is creamier, denser and shinier when compared to the Stella. They are equally as good as each other and it basically comes down to personal preference.

Ready to use mirror glaze is a premium product that is specially designed to be ready to use simply by shaking the bottle and pouring on a cake. It has a superior shine when compared to the cold glazes and it holds less air bubbles. It does not require any dilution.

The regular glazes can be diluted with up to 10% of water to make it more runny depending on your application preference.

The RTU mirror glazes are only available in 500g bottles at this time. The RTU would be more convenient because they come in a smaller ready to use bottle, but it depends on how much glaze you want to use.

Just to be clear, the RTU’s are not a diluted version of the 2.5kg cold glazes. They are structured different and we would not recommend adding water to the RTU’s.

The Glamour Glazes are like the cold glazes but contain edible glitter that provides a sparkling and shimmery appearance.