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Cake Mixes and Powder Products

Product Features;

– Gluten-free Whipping Cream and Custard Cream products
– Cost efficient and versatile powder cream range
– Velvet Cake range in 5 different colours with natural colourants
– Velvet Cake Mix provides versatility for making cakes, swiss rolls and cookies
– Freeze-thaw stable products
– Consistent formula and taste
– Cake mixes available in resealable 1kg and bulk 10kg bag sizes

Vizyon range of Cake Mixes and Powder Products provide a variety of cake types and solutions, including the unique Velvet Cake mix range in 5 different colours. Plus, Vizyon also have your cream requirements covered with our convenient and versatile powder cream products that including Whipping Creams and Custard Cream.

Taste the difference today with Vizyon Cake Mixes and Powder Products!