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Vizyon Cold Glazes provide the perfect clean appearance and seals the cakes for a longer shelf life. Vizyon Cold Glaze provides a sheen and lustre to your cake with a mirror glaze finish.

Your cakes will look like they have just been covered, even after many days in display. Vizyon Glaze minimises moisture loss and offers long lasting shine.

They are freeze-thaw stable and are easy to apply on all kinds of cake, muffins, & donuts as well as many other desserts and ice-creams. The uses are endless!

In addition, if you are looking for fruit glaze or glaze for fruit flan’s, then you need look no further that the fabulous range of Vizyon Cold Glazes which are perfect for this use. With no heating required, they are perfect for glazing fruits and desserts.

Vizyon Cold Glaze is vegan and gluten free with no animal by-product.