Cream Stabilisers

Vizyon Cream Stabilisers (Charlotte Powder Mixes) are a vegan and gluten-free powder mix that provides excellent stabilising abilities for creams and mousses. It provides a unique element that will be an irreplaceable staple in dessert baking.

As a vegan stabiliser it is perfect for creating creamy vegan desserts when used in combination with vegan-based creams. The non-gelatine based powder provides stability without sacrificing the airy texture of a mousse.

Ideal for use in cream that will be used to create layers in cakes or dessert. It provides a stabilising effect on the cream to hold up the layers and fillings.

Vizyon Cream Stabiliser powder doesn’t have the rubbery texture associated with a gelatine based stabiliser and prepared mousse. The Cream Stabiliser powder can be adapted with various fillings, flavours and colours added to your cream mixture to suit your taste.

Available in a range of pre-flavoured & coloured cream stabiliser powder mixtures.

Vizyon Neutral Cream Stabilisers contains no artificial flavours or colours (NAFNAC).

Product Features

  • Vegan, Gluten-free and Halal
  • Cream stabiliser
  • Can be used with cream to create flavoured mousses
  • Adds flavour and colour to creams
  • No artificial flavours or colours
  • Perfect vegan stabiliser for creating creamy vegan desserts
  • Non-gelatine based powder