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Waffle and Pancake Mix


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Vizyon Waffle & Pancake Mix

Product Features;

– Cost efficient and versatile duel product pre-mix range
– Consistent formula and taste
– Available in bulk 10kg bag size


Product Data Sheet

Vizyon Waffle and Pancake Mix is an all-in-one pre-mix perfect for bakeries, cafes and restaurants. With a fantastic taste and texture, the Vizyon Pancake & Waffle Mix provides a fantastic base.

Source the practical solution for preparing waffle and pancakes which are a must have staple for breakfast menus. Use the same pre-mix to achieve both a soft-textured pancake or a high-volume waffle.

Vizyon cake mixes allow you to maintain a standard flavour and quality, with a versatile pre-mix solution.

Available in the bulk 10kg craft bag.

Directions for Use;

Waffle Recipe

Waffle & Pancake Mix : 1000g

Milk : 1200g

Butter : 50g

Sugar : 200g

Total Weight : 2450g

Vizyon Waffle-Pancake mix powder, milk, butter and sugar are combined and mixed until homogenous. Then cook the mix for 1 minute at 250°C in a waffle iron.

Cooking Temperature : 250°C.
Cooking Time : 1 minute


Pancake Recipe

Waffle & Pancake Mix : 1000g

Milk : 1500g

Total Weight : 2500g

Vizyon Waffle-Pancake mix powder and milk and mixed until homogenous. Then cook the mix in a hot pan.

Weight10 kg



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