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Macaron Mix 5kg

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Product Features;

  • Macaron pre-mix powder
  • Simply mix with warm water
  • Get 115-120 single sides per kg
  • Long shelf-life – can be stored in the pantry for up to 2 years


Vizyon Macaron Mix 5kg

Vizyon Macaron Mix powder is a convenient and premium quality macaron mix. Simple to make and provides a light, delicate taste.

Vizyon Macaron provides perfectly shaped crispy crust with a soft and moist internal structure. Achieve stunning macarons without having to sacrifice on the quality standards.

Add colouring to the mix to create your own personal macaron appearance. For enhanced flavour and colouring, add Vizyon Concentrated Pastry Paste to the macaron mix.

Fill your macarons with Vizyon Ganache sauce, Fruit Fillings or Whipping cream and Charlotte to give it the flavour you desire.

1kg of macaron mix will make around 115-120 macaron single sides (4cm diameter and 10 grams weight)

Directions for Use


Vizyon Macaron Mix1000 g
Water (50-55°C)200 g
Deck Oven
(It is suggested placing another empty tray under for formation of skirt.)
Bottom: 130C
Top: 140C
22-25 min.
Convection Oven
(Continuous and all around air blowing)
18-22 min.

Tip – ensure water temperature is at or around 50-55°C.

Mix with palette mixer for 4-5 minutes at high speed. Place mixture into a piping bag and immediately pipe out small dollops onto a silicone baking mat placed on a baking tray.

Baking time and temperature can vary depending on the oven type.


Weight5 kg


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