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Red Velvet Cake Mix – 1kg


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Red Velvet Cake Mix – 1kg

Vizyon Red Velvet Cake Mix 1kg resealable pouch is perfect for home cooking and baking. With a fantastic taste and texture, the Vizyon Velvet Cake mix provides a genuine, natural flavour with a vivid colour and velvet texture.

Vizyon cake mixes have a high volume and fine soft texture. The Velvet Cake mix has a unique red colour which comes from natural colourants and providing a soft, velvety texture.

The Vizyon Red Velvet Cake Mix will assist you to maintain a standard flavour and quality while keeping the cake’s freshness for a longer time. In a convenient,  resealable foil pouch, the powder mixture will ensure you make fantastic tasting velvet cakes whenever you need.

Directions for Use;

Vizyon Red Velvet Cake mix : 1000g

Egg : 400g

Butter : 120g (unmelted)

Water : 300g

Total Weight : 1880g

Add the Velvet Cake Mix, egg, water and butter mixture in a mixer for approximately 1 minute low speed and 5 minutes at medium speed with whisk.

Pour approximately 700-800g of batter into the cake ring (diameter 20cm;height 6cm)

Oven Temperature : Deck Oven at 180C for 45 minutes, or Convection Oven at 155C for 45 minutes


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