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Vanilla Sponge Cake Mix – 1kg


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Vizyon Vanilla Sponge Cake Mix 1kg

Vizyon Vanilla Sponge Cake Mix 1kg resealable pouch pack is perfect for home cooking and baking. With a fantastic taste and texture, the Vizyon Sponge cake mix provides a genuine natural flavour. Simple to prepare and use, the sponge cake will contain excellent volume, shape, colour and a fine soft texture.

Vizyon cake mixes keep their moistness and remain fresh for a longer time. As such, they assist you to maintain the standard flavour and quality while keeping their freshness. In a convenient,  resealable foil pouch, the powder mixture will ensure you make fantastic tasting cakes whenever you need it.


Directions for Use;

Vizyon Neutral Sponge Cake Mix  : 1000g

Egg                                                : 750g

Water                                             : 100g

Total Weight                                   : 1850g

Stir the Vanilla Sponge cake mix, egg and water mixture in a mixer for approximately 4 minutes.

Oven Temperature : About 180C. Cooking Time : 40-45 minutes

Weight 1 kg



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