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Couverture Chocolate Ganache Sauce


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Product Features;

– Gluten-free and Halal
– Made with genuine couverture chocolate
– Contains cocoa butter and milk powder
– Can be whipped to create cake filling, mousses and piping decorations
– Maintains its form and shape under refrigeration without cracking


Product Data Sheet Halal Certification

Vizyon Chococover Chocolate Ganache sauce is a premium couverture chocolate ganache that provides your cakes with a glossy coating for great presentation. Practical and quick to use while giving your desserts or cakes a natural taste and glow. Provides a high quality finish and taste to your cakes. Maintains its form and shape under refrigeration without cracking.

Available in a bulk 6kg pail, Vizyon Chococover ganache provides a delicious standardised ganache that is ready at your fingertips. Achieve time saving and costs savings through using a readily prepared ganache, while reducing wastage. Excess ganache can be stored and used in the future.

Vizyon Chococover Ganache sauce can be used as a filling for your cakes or whipped to use as a flavoursome mousse. Plus, you can use the whipped ganache in piping decorations and trim on cakes. Also, when mixed with Vizyon Whipping cream or custard creams it will add flavour to the cream.

For creating spider-web effects over cakes, use the ganache as a base cover and combine with the Vizyon Cold Glaze range for stunning effects.

Vizyon Ganache provides versatility with a premium quality taste and finish.

Weight6 kg

Carton, Pail


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