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Decocover Chocolate Premium Glaze – 6kg


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Product Data Sheet Halal Certification

Vizyon Decocover Chocolate Premium Glaze is a fluid and bright glaze with a real chocolate taste. You can use this product to cover and flavour pastries, cakes, confectionery, biscuits and cookies. While it has less chocolate content than the Vizyon Chococover variety, it maintains a fluid and bright structure when applied.

The genuine taste of the Decocover Premium Glaze will enhance your cake and pastry products with flavour and shine. In addition, the glossy appearance and textural structure of the glaze will be maintained for days. Also, its versatility and flavour allow it to be combined to create flavoursome cream fillings or mousses.

Vizyon Decocover Premium Glaze is a mid-range premium product to provide you with long-lasting taste and shine.

Weight6 kg

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