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Eclair Sauce White – 6kg


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Product Data Sheet Halal Certification

Vizyon Eclair Sauce White Chocolate can be used on eclairs, pastries and cookies for coating and decoration. It provides a bright, crisp coating when applied.

As an added benefit, the white chocolate eclair sauce can be coloured or flavoured for increased variety and look.

Further, it’s versatility allows it to be used for decoration creation purposes by pouring onto a marble surface. Allow to cool slightly and then lift or manoeuver the chocolate for decorations.

Directions for Use – Spoon or ladle the sauce from the pail and melt in a bainmaire, or via a microwave to achieve a runny texture. Suggested application temperature is around 37-40°C. Apply the sauce over the pastry product once it has reached a homogenous and applicable texture.

Available in a 6kg bulk pail.

Weight6 kg

Carton, Pail


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