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Milk Compound Chocolate Coins 2.5kg

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Product Features;

  • Non-tempering chocolate
  • Beautiful shine on a compound chocolate
  • Use as decoration or adornment to sweets and cakes
  • Can be used to add flavour and texture to cakes and creams


Vizyon Select Milk Compound Chocolate Coins 2.5kg

Vizyon Select Milk Compound Chocolate coins are a premium non-tempering chocolate product available in a 2.5kg bulk pack.

Vizyon Select coins are made thin with a good bonding structure resulting in a crisp chocolate taste. The Vizyon Select milk compound chocolate coins have a nice clean colour which is retained even after going through the melting process. As a result, you will find that the chocolate retains its crisp chocolate taste and shiny appearance. In fact, the Vizyon Select chocolate range is outstanding for use in melting and shaping, retaining its quality, taste and shine during the heating and cooling  processes.

For the chocolatier, you will find that when melted it has a good texture and runniness making it easy to work with. Melt at or around 40°C and then use straight away. If using with moulds, ensure to let the chocolate cool completely so that it shrinks and detaches itself from the mould. This will ensure you have a shiny, clean finish to your chocolate.

Plus, it is perfect for adding colour or flavouring. Combine the compound chocolate with the Vizyon Concentrated Pastry Paste range to create your own flavoured and coloured chocolate range.


Weight2.5 kg

Bag, Carton




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