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Milk Compound Chocolate Drops

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Product Features;

  • Perfect for adding into mixes or as a topping or decoration
  • Able to be flavoured
  • Can be used to add flavour and texture to cakes and creams


Vizyon Select Milk Compound Chocolate Drops 1kg

Vizyon Select Milk Compound Chocolate drops are premium chocolate bits available in a 1kg pack.

Vizyon Select Chocolate drops are ready-made into small drops with a great bonding structure resulting in a crisp chocolate taste. The Vizyon Select milk compound chocolate drops are perfect for use through baking products. Or perhaps just use for decoration or topping over your desserts. Containing milk powder, these drops provide a gentle chocolate colour and flavour.

Plus, for the chocolatier you will find that when melted it has a good texture and flow making it easy to work with.

In fact, the Vizyon Select chocolate range is perfect for adding chocolate texture and flavour to anything you bake.

Weight1.0 kg

Bag, Carton


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