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Neutral Cold Glaze


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Vizyon Neutral Cold Glaze is easy to use and apply over your cakes or fruits. Simply apply direct from the pail or mix with a little water added for increased consistency.

Get the perfect glossy appearance and taste with Neutral Cold Glaze. In addition, it will also seal for longer shelf life. Your glazed items will look like they have just been covered and fresh ready to eat. The Neutral Cold glaze has neutral taste and will complement the finish on your cakes.

Vizyon Cold Glazes minimise moisture loss and offer long lasting shine. They are freeze-thaw suitable and can be applied on all kinds of cakes, fruits, muffins, pastries & donuts. The uses are endless!

Vizyon Cold Glaze is Gluten free & has no animal by-product.

Directions for Use
Put the required amount of cold glaze into a bowl and stir until it gets a smooth texture and consistency for an easy application. Pour the glaze directly over the cake allowing it to run down and settle. It can also be applied directly on the surface of your cake or pastry products using a brush or spatula.

Weight 2.5 kg

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