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Dark Chocolate Eclair Sauce

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Product Features;

  • Gluten-free & Vegan
  • Hard setting
  • Just heat and apply!
  • Consistent formula and taste


Vizyon Dark Chocolate Eclair Sauce 6kg

Vizyon Dark Chocolate Eclair Sauce can be used on eclairs, pastries and cookies for coating and decoration. It provides a bright, crisp coating when applied. As a specially prepared eclair sauce mix, it is ready to use – just heat and apply over your eclairs or pastries. Hard setting, there is nothing further to be added and is very easy to apply. It can even be used as a fantastic donut covering solution.

As an added benefit, the dark chocolate eclair sauce has a delicious, rich chocolate taste that provides both colour and flavoured to your eclair treats.

Further, it’s versatility allows it to be used for decoration creation purposes by pouring onto a marble surface. Allow to cool slightly and then lift or manoeuver the chocolate for decorations.

Directions for Use – Spoon or ladle the sauce from the pail and melt in a bainmaire, or via a microwave to achieve a runny texture. Suggested application temperature is around 37-40°C. Apply the sauce over the pastry product once it has reached a homogenous and applicable texture.

Available in a 6kg bulk pail.

Weight6 kg

Carton, Pail


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