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White Chocolate Topping Sauce 1kg


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Product Features;

– Vegan & Gluten-free
– Can be used to add flavour and colour over cakes and ice creams
– Use straight from the bottle


Product Data Sheet Halal Certification

Vizyon White Chocolate Topping Sauce is a premium, flavoured sauce for use over ice creams, pastries, cakes and desserts,

In an economical 1kg bottle with a removable pouring cap it provides a simple and versatile solution for dressing up desserts. Containing a delicious white chocolate flavour, colour and aroma that will compliment the existing taste of your decorated treats.

Plus being vegan, gluten-free and halal certified it provides a fantastic all-encompassing solution to decorating your desserts. Satisfy any consumer demand and requirement with this topping sauce.

Cakes, Ice-creams and Pastries covered with Vizyon Topping Sauce will grab attention with a glistening shine and subtle, delicious taste. In addition, it’s a simple solution for easy plate dressing and decorating as well as writing.

Weight1 kg

Bottle, Carton


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