Trade, Wholesale & Industrial Supply

Polen Food Oceania welcomes enquiries from registered businesses within the cake and baking industry with regards to trade, wholesale or industrial supply of Vizyon products. Our wholesale supply team is dedicated to working with those seeking bulk quantity supply requirements direct from our warehouse with appropriate pricing to suit.

For registered businesses with an ABN within the food industry, we are pleased to offer a 20% trade discount on orders. Please contact us via email at info@polenfood.com.au, or phone 07 5528 9189 with your company name, ABN and email address to receive this discount.

For registered businesses who order at least $350 per month minimum we are pleased to welcome you as a wholesale customer – please see below for information regarding wholesale account registration and ordering processes.

For industrial supply, Polen Food Oceania is also capable to work with your business on projects or product lines that may require bulk supply of Vizyon products either through our warehouse, or shipped directly from our factory in Turkey. In addition, Polen Food technologists are readily available to help formulate specific product specifications that you may require on our range of Vizyon products.

Please contact us on 0402 417 850 or email info@polenfood.com.au to further discuss your wholesale supply requirements or to request a current wholesale price list.

Wholesale Order form

Order simply and easily with our Wholesale Order form.  Follow these steps;

1 – Register an account online via the Log In link at the top of our page, and;

2 – Contact Polen Food Oceania requesting to be registered as a Wholesale customer – Contact Us

Then, once your account has been reviewed and approved, you will be provided with a password to log in to our Wholesale Order section to view our Wholesale Order Form which includes a list of available products & applicable wholesale prices in a simple, easy to read product listing.

Review products, prices and specials by category and create an order through the Wholesale Order form which will link to your cart to submit your order.

Product Range

Polen Food Oceania stocks a wide range of Vizyon products for both retail and wholesale/industrial. The wholesale product list includes product and packing size and is available to view via the link below.

Click to download – Vizyon Wholesale Product List

Product Fact Sheets – Vizyon

Product Name  Product Fact Sheet downloads
Black Sugar PasteVizyon Black Sugar Paste
Blue Sugar PasteVizyon Blue Sugar Paste
Brown Sugar PasteVizyon Brown Sugar Paste
Cream Sugar PasteVizyon Cream Sugar Paste
Dark Magenta Sugar PasteVizyon Dark Magenta Sugar Paste
Fuchsia Sugar PasteVizyon Fuchsia Sugar Paste
Green Sugar PasteVizyon Green Sugar Paste
Light Blue Sugar PasteVizyon Light Blue Sugar Paste
Light Green Sugar PasteVizyon Light Green Sugar Paste
Light Pink Sugar PasteVizyon Light Pink Sugar Paste
Light Salmon Sugar PasteVizyon Light Salmon Sugar Paste
Orange Sugar PasteVizyon Orange Sugar Paste
Pink Sugar PasteVizyon Pink Sugar Paste
Red Sugar PasteVizyon Red Sugar Paste
White Sugar PasteVizyon White Sugar Paste
Yellow Sugar PasteVizyon Yellow Sugar Paste
Dark Chocolate Modelling PasteVizyon Chococoat Modelling Paste – Dark Chocolate
White Chocolate Modelling PasteVizyon Chococoat Modelling Paste – White Chocolate
White Gum PasteVizyon Gum Paste – White
Neutral GlazeVizyon Ready to Use Mirror Glaze – Neutral
Chocolate GlazeVizyon Ready to Use Mirror Glaze – Chocolate
Raspberry Glamour GlazeVizyon Ready to Use Mirror Glaze – Raspberry Glamour
Gold Glamour GlazeVizyon Ready to Use Mirror Glaze – Gold Glamour
Silver Glamour GlazeVizyon Ready to Use Mirror Glaze – Silver Glamour
Banana GlazeVizyon Cold Glaze – Banana
Caramel GlazeVizyon Cold Glaze – Caramel
Chocolate GlazeVizyon Cold Glaze – Chocolate
Neutral GlazeVizyon Cold Glaze – Neutral
Orange GlazeVizyon Cold Glaze – Orange
Raspberry GlazeVizyon Cold Glaze – Raspberry
Strawberry GlazeVizyon Cold Glaze – Strawberry
Vanilla glazeVizyon Cold Glaze – Vanilla
Blueberry Glamour Cold GlazeVizyon Blueberry Glamour Cold Glaze
Caramel Glamour Cold GlazeVizyon Caramel Glamour Glaze
Gold Glamour Cold GlazeVizyon Gold Glamour Cold Glaze
Orange Glamour Cold GlazeVizyon Orange Glamour Glaze
Raspberry Glamour Cold GlazeVizyon Raspberry Glamour Glaze
Silver Glamour Cold GlazeVizyon Silver Glamour Cold Glaze
Chococover (Caramel)Vizyon Chococover – Caramel
Chococover (Dark Chocolate)Vizyon Chococover- Dark Chocolate Ganache Sauce
Chococover (White)Vizyon Chococover – Ivory Ganache Sauce
Decocover Dark Chocolate Premium GlazeVizyon Decocover Dark Chocolate Premium Glaze
Decocover White Chocolate Premium GlazeVizyon Decocover White Chocolate Premium Glaze
Ananas Charlotte Powder
Banana Charlotte PowderVizyon Charlotte Powder – Banana
Chocolate Charlotte PowderVizyon Charlotte Powder – Chocolate
Caramel Charlotte Powder
Kiwi Charlotte PowderVizyon Charlotte Powder – Kiwi
Lemon Charlotte PowderVizyon Charlotte Powder – Lemon
Neutral Charlotte PowderVizyon Charlotte Powder – Neutral
Orange Charlotte PowderVizyon Charlotte Powder – Orange
Raspberry Charlotte PowderVizyon Charlotte Powder – Raspberry
Strawberry Charlotte PowderVizyon Charlotte Powder – Strawberry
Tiramisu Charlotte PowderVizyon Charlotte Powder – Tiramisu
Yoghurt Charlotte Powder
Apple Fruit Pastry FillingVizyon Fruit Pastry Filling – Apple
Apricot Fruit Pastry FillingVizyon Fruit Pastry Filling – Apricot
Fig Fruit Pastry FillingVizyon Fruit Pastry Filling – Fig
Raspberry Fruit Pastry FillingVizyon Fruit Pastry Filling – Raspberry
Caramel Concentrated Pastry PasteVizyon Caramel Concentrated Pastry Paste
Lemon Concentrated Pastry PasteVizyon Lemon Concentrated Pastry Paste
Orange Concentrated Pastry PasteVizyon Orange Concentrated Pastry Paste
Pistachio Concentrated Pastry PasteVizyon Pistachio Concentrated Pastry Paste
Raspberry Concentrated Pastry PasteVizyon Raspberry Concentrated Pastry Paste
Strawberry Concentrated Pastry PasteVizyon Strawberry Concentrated Pastry Paste
Apple & Cinnamon Filling Cream
Chocolate Filling Cream
Caramel Filling Cream
Lemon Filling Cream
Orange Filling Cream (with fruit pieces)
Orange Filling Cream
Sour Cherry Filling Cream
Sour Cherry Filling Cream (with fruit pieces)
Strawberry Filling Cream
Toffee Caramel Filling Cream
Vanilla Filling Cream
Black Eclair Sauce
Raspberry Eclair Sauce
White Eclair Sauce
Tresleches Caramel Sauce
Profiterole Sauces (Bitter)
Profiterole Sauces (ECO)
Blueberry Topping Sauce
Chocolate Topping Sauce
Caramel Topping Sauce
Kiwi Topping Sauce
Orange Topping Sauce
Raspberry Topping Sauce
Sour Cherry Topping Sauce
Strawberry Topping Sauce
Cake Gel (Emulsifier)
Banana Flavoured Chocolate Cake Mix
Chocolate Fudge Brownie Cake MixVizyon Chocolate Fudge Brownie Cake Mix
Carrot / Apple Cake Mix
Chocolate Cake Mix
Chocolate Cupcake Mix
Cocoa Marble Cake Mix
Chocolate Muffin Mix
Chocolate Sponge Cake Mix
Chocolate Swiss Roll Mix
Red Velvet Cake MixVizyon Red Velvet Cake Mix
Fruit Cake Mix
Moist Cake Mix
Multigrain Cake Mix
Neutral Cake Mix
Souffle Cake Mix
Sacher Cake Mix
Tresleches Powder Mix
Vanilla Cupcake Mix
Vanilla Marble Cake Mix
Neutral Muffin Mix
Vanilla Muffin Mix
Vanilla Sponge Cake Mix
Vanilla Swiss Roll Mix
Baking Powder 2 kg
Stella Whipping CreamVizyon Whipped Cream – Stella
Perla Whipping CreamVizyon Whipped Cream – Perla
Custard CreamVizyon Custard Cream Powder
Cheese Filling Cream Powder
Potato Filling Cream Powder
Pizza Filling Cream Powder
Spinach Filling Cream Powder
Cream Caramel (Concentrated)
Cream Caramel
Cream Brule
Eclair Mix
Macaron Mix
Panna CottaVizyon Panna Cotta
Turkish Cream Powder
Cheesecake Powder
Cheesecake Powder (Premium Quality)
Cheesecake (Hot Application)