Yeners Way and Polen Food Oceania

This post is about the discovery of a wonderful product, and the relationship between Yeners Way and Polen Food Oceania.

Who is Polen Food Oceania?

Polen Food is a company based in Turkey that manufactures high quality pastry products and distributes to many countries in Europe, Russia, France, India and more. Products like powder mixes, glazes, toppings, modelling chocolate, ganache and sugar pastes. Polen Food Oceania is a company here in Australia that was created to distribute Polen Food products in the Oceanic region.

The Discovery

I think it’s safe to say that one of the most commonly used materials for a cake decorator is rolled fondant. While we were running our cake shop for about 20 years, making thousands upon thousands of birthday cakes and wedding cakes, I think it is also safe to say that we have literally gone through tonnes of rolled fondant. Of course like any business, expenses are always something of a priority so Serdar developed his own recipe, which we used for years and years. Now, you are probably wondering…“Wait a minute, Serdar has a recipe for rolled fondant and never shared it with us!?”. Well, this is because he has never really been confident in that recipe, and to be honest, it isn’t a very good rolled fondant. When it comes to the properties that a cake decorator expects or desires from rolled fondant, it falls a bit short. Among other faults, it cracks easily, which makes it hard to work with and it isn’t very good with humidity. We used it none the less, mainly because it allowed us to produce cakes at a lower cost and we managed to work with it’s faults. We also purchased fondant but only for emergency situations.

So one day, a man named Simon Aksu from Polen Food Oceania approached Serdar and said “Hey, I have this product called Vizyon Rolled Fondant…can you try it and let me know what you think?”. Serdar told Simon that he thought the rolled fondant industry is quite saturated with different products and it would be hard to get anywhere with so many big names covering the market already. But he agreed to try the fondant out anyway and boy was he glad he did!

After using and testing Vizyon Rolled Fondant, Serdar was so amazed by it that a few months later, he decided to endorse the product and put his face on it.

Why so wonderful?

Based on our experience, there are a number of properties that somebody who decorates cakes would want their rolled fondant to have. It turns out that Vizyon Rolled Fondant, has all these properties. So let’s go through these magical qualities…

  • Good flexibility/elasticity that prevents tearing to eliminates cracks on corners.
  • Slow drying condition to allow more time for detailing, easy levelling and eliminating elephant skin issues, particularly on 3D and time consuming cakes.
  • Creating figurines and ornaments can be achieved with the addition of small amounts of icing sugar.
  • Re-kneading brings the paste back into it’s original smooth texture even after prolonged exposure (will not dry and become over crusty).
  • Great taste and texture.
  • High humidity resistance which makes it easy to roll and work with in hot or humid environments.
  • Very white tone which gives good colour saturation when mixing with other colours.
  • Silky smooth texture for excellent gliding with fondant leveller.

Just to expand on a couple of these points…


Serdar actually tested leaving a piece of Vizyon Rolled Fondant uncovered in room temperature for weeks. Yes, weeks. He then came back to it and was able to knead it back to it’s normal condition. So it does dry and develop a skin, just like any other fondant, but it allows for that skin to be kneaded back into itself without leaving lumps. This also means that there would be 0% wastage! Start rolling out your fondant, go and answer the phone half way through, come back 10 minutes later and continue to cover your cake.

Slow Drying

I used to make countless car cakes and I always had a hard time because I would have to work really fast while still trying not to make a mistake. After coating the car, I would only have a small window of time to make the right pushes, cuts and indentations on the fondant. So Vizyon Rolled Fondant is a dream to work with because you are able to take your time and you don’t need to rush creativity. Also of course, a slow drying quality is good when you are covering a cake and if you take too long to roll it out, you won’t get cracks around the edges of your cake.


I can remember many many times when we have had about 15 wedding cakes to finish within the next day, and it starts to rain outside. This is a big problem because we normally take our cakes out of the fridge and coat them right away so that the ganache is still nice and firm, but then the fondant gets wet due to the rain/humidity and we have to let the cakes sit for hours to reach room temperature and dry before we can work on them. With Vizyon Rolled Fondant though, the condensation is highly reduced and allows one to continue working on their cake right after coating it, no matter what the weather decides to do.

Wow! So where can I get it?!

If you live in or anywhere near the Oceanic region (Australia, New Zealand, Papau New Ginuea, Fiji etc.), then you’re in luck. Although Polen Food Oceania is still new and looking for distributors (click here to see a list of current distributors which stock Polen Food Oceania’s products), you can go to Polen Food Oceania’s website and purchase it directly from their online store. Bare in mind though, Polen Food Oceania does not want to compete with it’s distributors so the prices will be higher, plus there will also be shipping costs involved. If you deal with a particular distributor that doesn’t stock Polen Food Oceania’s products, let them know that you’re interested. If they get enough demand for the product, they will be sure to pursue it. If you are not in the Oceanic region, the best we can advise is to try searching for Vizyon Rolled Fondant online in your area.

If anyone does get there hands on some Vizyon Rolled Fondant, we would love to hear your feedback and thoughts about your experience with it in the comment section below or you can write a review on the Polen Food Oceania website.

To find out more about Yeners Way click here


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